Grooming Collie - Rough & smooth collie

By Roberta Semenzato (IT)
Grooming Collie

: Roberta Semenzato
Production: 24 Carats Multimedia & Publishing - 2012
Length: 110 minutes
Languages: English, Italian
Format: 16/9 Widescreen
Audio: Dolby Digital

Roberta Semenzato, top winning Italian professional handler, shows you in detail the grooming and the ring preparation of rough and smooth collies.

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Grooming Collie Grooming Collie Grooming Collie Grooming Collie
About the Author:
Roberta Semenzato started handling dogs at National shows in Italy in 1998, the same year her first Multi-champion collie Aiace Ultimatum was born. After Aiace, she put several more titles on rough collies, as well as on her smooth Multi ch. Ballet Dancer in Black del Castelgavone, and her smooth Junior World Champion, First Class Amazing Dancer.
Roberta, over the years, attended several handling and grooming seminars and showed, in addition to collies, many other breeds. She worked with several professional handlers and in 2007 until today has been assisting the great Richard Hellman.
She has participated as a professional handler in dog shows throughout all of Europe. In recent years, Roberta has won several Bests In Show at International Dog Shows with Australian Shepherds, Siberian Huskies, Wire Fox Terriers, and Dachshunds. In particular with Collies she has obtained several titles both in Italy and abroad.
In her time off, she does graphics and web design: she created several websites, among them the first italian site dedicated to all breed handling and another one regarding Smooth & Rough Collies and Shetlands.