Grooming Maltese - Part 2 - Daily Care

By Tara Martin Rowell (USA)
Grooming Maltese 2


Author: Tara Martin Rowell
Production: 24 Carats Multimedia & Publishing - 2012
Length: 80 minutes
Languages: English, Italian, Russian
Format: 16/9 Widescreen
Audio: Dolby Digital

In this DVD, Tara Martin Rowell, one of the top winning Maltese handlers and groomers of our time, shows us all of the necessary procedures to protect, and nourish a growing coat, including bathing, wrapping, and cosmetic products.

List Price: 30,00 €

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Grooming Maltese Grooming Maltese Grooming Maltese Grooming Maltese
About the Author:
Tara Martin Rowell of Scylla Maltese.
Tara is one of the top winning Maltese handlers and groomers of our time in USA, learning from her mother Vicki Abbott who is the top winning Maltese handler and groomer of ALL TIME in USA. Tara has won National Specialties, Best in Shows, Best of Breed wins at Westminster and the National Championship, Back to back Group First at the National Dog Show. She has been televised on the Today Show, USA, Animal Planet, ESPN, Fox Sports, MSG Channel, NBC and local news spots for Westminster KC with David Frei or her local All-Breed Dog show. Tara has also worked as a consulting producer for the Animal Planet National Championship Dog Shows on Discovery/Animal Planet for several years. Tara has been exhibiting Maltese for 32 years (since she was 6 years old).