Happy Dog Training

by Rick Caran & Jilli Dog
Happy Dog Training by Rick Caran and Jilli Dog

Author: Rick Caran
Production: 24 Carats Multimedia & Publishing - 2013
Length: 30 minutes
Languages: English
Format: 16/9 Widescreen
Audio: Dolby Digital

Rick Caran says about this DVD: "This is a simple, FUN look at how the average person of any age can train the average family dog, in just Five Minutes a Day".

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Happy Dog Training Happy Dog Training Happy Dog Training Happy Dog Training

From the Author:
I am so happy to get this video (dvd) out to my friends, to fans of Team Jilli Dog, and to the world! It demonstrates the training theories that I developed as a youth, inspired by Lassie and Rin Tin Tin. I always tell audiences that I started training dogs when I was eight years old and that I still train like an eight year old! Truly! And that is what I suggest to audiences: "Teach your dog to do FUN tricks, when you first start training, and you will build a wonderful bond with your dog! Think about it; when you teach your pooch to do tricks, what happens? You can't help but laugh and smile, and THAT is what your dog LIVES for! To see you smile, and know that SHE has the ability to make you smile by doing FUN tricks for you and friends! You can always teach agility, freestyle, discipline and such, later. Start with the FUN!

About The Video
I have friends who have written excellent books and have made videos about dog training and this video is not like any of them. This is a simple, FUN look at how the average person of any age can train the average family dog, in just "Five Minutes a Day." Just as important as ensuring that your dog enjoys training is that 'you', the trainer enjoy it! I have a private training party every night with my pups, but they really don't even know it's training! So this keeps the pups and me WANTING to have this FUN time each day! This video is like a visit to our private sessions, demonstrating very easy, FUN tips, and shows the legendary Jilli Dog as well as Ruby, the new star of the show, doing their thing!

In this video, I give many of my personal tips on training the dogs to do tricks, including "DOGGIE BASKETBALL" and the very popular "ACHOO TRICK," where the human fakes a sneeze and the pup runs and gets a tissue! The more you train your dogs the smarter they get, and you will find that when you learn what your dog is capable of, you can make up tricks and maneuvers of your own.

How It Started
When I stop and think that I casually trained dogs at different times during my lifetime, it amazes me that it has come this far! I was very lucky because of two coinciding events that changed my life forever! First, I taught Jilli Dog, a sweet genius of a pup (rescued from the streets), how to PLAY POKER, and that just happened at about the same time as the internet, especially Youtube, was developing. This enabled a large audience to see Jilli's tricks, and she became an international doggie-star. Now, we do children's and adult's parties, shows and seminars around the United States and have appeared in Italy, San Marino and Sweden. I write columns for an international magazine, Yorky Club Magazine, and we have been on TV and radio shows around the US, Japan, Europe, Australia and Russia! Sometimes I think I will awaken from a dream!

Lesson for adults
Many people say that they don't have the patience to train a dog, but I tell them that they can develop patience by training theirs dog. Since my methods are fun, people just enjoy themselves and relax.

Lesson For Children
Training a dog is a wonderful way for a child to learn about the 'learning process' itself. On Monday: the pooch has no clue of what is expected. By Wednesday, she is getting an idea, and by Friday, she is getting the hang of it! It just might make the child figure that if they went out and shot some hoops a little each day, or even opened that text book for a few minute a day, they might get some results, the same way "Fluffy" did.

My final message to you is that I don't create robot dogs by training them for several hours a day. Rather, my method is meant to teach the average family dog to do some wonderful things in Five Minutes a Day and be FUN for human and canine alike!
Now go out and have some FUN!!!

Rick Caran